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Airhelp 2020 review

Traveling by plane can be really exciting, but at the same time it can get really stressful too, especially if you are a victim of a delayed, cancelled, or overbooked flight.

If you had been a victim of a delayed or cancelled flight, there is Airhelp to defend your interests against the air company in order to get you a fair compensation

In fact, this is the best way to claim for a flight compensation as requests received throughout Airhelp are prioritized in the airline which sold the ticket.


Check if you are eligible for a flight delay compensation

Delayed Flight? You may be entitled to as much as €600 in compensation

Check it here:

What is Airhelp? How does it work?

AirHelp is the leading flight compensation company in the world, helping passengers understand and protect their rights by getting fair compensation for delayed or canceled flights.

Acts as a link between you and the flight company so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with more difficulties .

AirHelp enforces EC 261 Regulation

Airhelp general principle is based on the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation for major flight delays, cancellations and cases of overbooking

Submit your claim

You can easily submit your claim in their website through an user-friendly application form or also there is a free app that delivers the flight compensation eligibility decisions

Airhelp has more than 6 years of experience and has already helped over 16 million of passengers. Airhelp staff consists of 750 employees all over the world which includes the world’s largest team of lawyers specialized in air passenger rights. 

Is it free? Service fee

“No Win, No Fee”
Submitting a claim is absolutely free of charge

Only if your case is successful you have to pay a percentage of the compensation received

Service Fee

Airhelp gets a 35% commission of the received flight compensation on every positive result. Otherwise, if Airhelp fails, you don’t have to pay, no matter the reason for the result

Legal Action Fee

If legal action was necessary to provide successful justice as a service, you would also be charged with a legal action fee which means 15% of the received flight compensation

When will I receive my flight delay compensation?

The time framework payment depends on the airline. Each carrier has its own procedures and required documents in order to submit  and process a claim.

In general, Airhelp replies to the status of the claim within 3-4 months

Airhelp itself will generate the due payment to the passenger, in the same currency in which the original flight ticket was purchased.

AirHelp: Contact them

You can contact Airhelp via phone at 11811, via email at or via social media, 24/7.

Download App

You can get the free mobile app in Google Play for Android or in Appstore for IOS

Download on the AppStore Get it on GooglePlay

Just submit your claim on the app and Airhelp will check if you are entitled to receive a flight compensation. You can also use the app to check for delays and past flights.

Users Reviews

5 stars: Excellent

Great company

Great company. Thanks for your help. Received my compensation as promised!

Katarina Gajić

4 stars: Great

Your Provision is too high

Your Provision is too high, all other is OK.

4 stars: Great

I found your service rather expensive.

5 stars: Excellent

I was contacted by Airhelp

I was contacted by Airhelp, without me ever asking for them or any kind of claim, and I got a big part of the ticket cost back. It was very smooth and only asked for ticket information basically… Quite recommended and safe!

4 stars: Great

Great support and easy process

Great support and easy process. Would just prefer to get more of my compensation back and be cut less than 30% of it. Thanks

Ureche Gheorghe
5 stars: Excellent

Thank you for the money r r r r r r r

Additional expenses, does Airhelp take care of them?

If your additional expenses were because of issues related to your flight, Airhelp would help you. Airhelp can help you claim additional expenses if your application has a satisfactory status. You will need valid tickets and receipts to attach in the claim.

Which additional expenses can I claim for compensation?

You can claim each spending that had to do with the flight delay or cancelation such as beverage, food and basic necessities. Also, transportation fees and even money that you have lost as a direct consequence of the flight issue, such as excursions or events.

Our Opinion

With more than 16 million successful cases we can say that AirHelp has an excellent service. Moreover, its application makes it an easy-to-use platform, accessible to all who need to claim their compensation for flight delay . AirHelp’s response time  is faster and more effective than other companies.

On the other side, the service fee could be a bit high, but if we think about obtaining 65% of the compensation without hassle or stress, we can conclude that this way of claiming and knowing our passengers rights is a win-win.